Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident?

A car accident can be one of the most traumatic events a person ever experiences in their life.

Your adrenaline’s pumping, your heart rate’s up, and it feels like it’s hard to breath. When the shock wears off, you check over your vehicle and exchange information. Eventually you go to the E.R. where you might have waited hours to be seen. Tossing and turning in bed that night, you find it hard to sleep. You wake up tired, and at the end of that first day you noticed pain is now a part of all your normal activities. But, you can’t stop working and living because of pain, so you push through it. The next day comes and the disruption to your life starts all over again.…all because a careless driver was texting, speeding, or just wasn’t paying attention.

 Did you seek medical care after the Accident?

If you didn’t, you’re making a huge mistake. You have a very small time frame to treat your injuries before they become permanent. If you didn’t seek medical care after the accident because you thought you couldn’t afford it, you’re not alone. People with high deductible plans as well as uninsured people are struggling with medical bills they can’t pay. The good news is, according to the Missouri Department of Revenue, Missouri law requires an automobile liability policy to include bodily injury coverage to pay medical bills. Now that you know your bills will be taken care of, what are you waiting for?

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