What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

After an accident it’s very important that you go to an E.R. or urgent care and have a medical provider examine you. Even if you didn’t feel pain immediately after the accident, it’s still important that you go. Why? It may take some time before the full extent of your injuries make themselves known. Adrenaline masks pain. That’s why you may not have felt pain immediately after the accident. However, after a day or so, the adrenaline and stress of the accident fade away and pain occurs. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that you’ve been injured in the accident. Please listen to your body and go to the E.R. or urgent care, it is the best thing you can do for yourself after an accident. If the E.R. or urgent care doctor recommends follow up care and you don’t have a doctor or health insurance, we can help.

In the St. Louis Area, 844-CAR ACCIDENT (1-844-227-2224) is the number for Midwest Physicians Group. We help people that have been injured in accidents. Our medical providers are trained to treat traumatic injuries and have years of experience doing so.  They will take the time to listen to all your questions and concerns, then design a program with one goal…get you back to feeling like you did before the accident happened. If you were injured in an accident, make the right call!  Call 844-CAR ACCIDENT or send us a message now and we will contact you back.