Slip & Fall Accident

Slip & Fall Accident

While you’re walking through the grocery store you remembered you were out of ice cream. You walk through the freezer section and see your favorite ice cream straight ahead on the top shelf of the freezer. As you step forward to open the freezer door you suddenly slip forward, hit your head on the glass, and fall to the ground. As you slowly stand back up, you immediately feel a painful throbbing in your forehead, a sharp stabbing pain in your back, and your pants are wet. You look down and notice a puddle of water under your feet. How could this be? Why didn’t the store owner provide a safer environment for you? Maybe they were too busy to notice, or they just didn’t care.

When you live with pain everyday after a slip, trip, or fall accident, you may begin to wonder if life will ever go back to how it was before accident took place.

Did you seek medical care after the Accident?

If you didn’t, you’re making a huge mistake. You have a very small time frame to treat your injuries before they become permanent. If you didn’t seek medical care after the accident because you thought you couldn’t afford it, you’re not alone. People with high deductible plans as well as uninsured people are struggling with medical bills they can’t pay. The good news is, many business carry premises liability insurance that includes bodily injury coverage to pay medical bills. Now that you know your bills will be taken care of, what are you waiting for?

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